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Yesterday a cat followed me into the house from the garden. He looked sickly so I took him to the SPCA, hoping the vet there would take care of him. I turned him in and then asked if I could adopt him if no one wanted him and I was told, “No” because I turned him in. How is this fair? I only found the cat. It’s seems like they’re taking joy from putting cats down (killing them). So, now I have to find someone to take in the kitty so he doesn’t die. I don’t have a picture but he’s super cute and very very friendly and quiet. He’s black and white. He’s at the SPCA at 19 E. Ridge Pike, right outside of Philadelphia. His ID number is 166734. I’ve been calling him “Follow” since he followed me inside. Well, I’ve been calling him that in my head since he’s not here. If you can, please help me save Follow.

Happier News

Ella planned a button swap and I got Kimberly. She made a lovely necklace, a magnet (that’s on my fridge right now) and some very cute buttons. Here is a picture (magnet not pictured):

Little red caboose button swap

Little red caboose button swap

I made buttons and put them on a recycled cotton tote bag. I’m really into tote bags. It’s so nice not having bags all over the place that end up in the trash. Here’s what I sent to Kimberly:

I thought it was the perfect size for kiddies’ books from the library.


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