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Argh! I’ve been without a phone since Wednesday. I finally got the internet connection (a very very slow connection) back this evening. Comcast is really getting my friggin’ (with a Philly accent) nerves. I can make calls but no one can hear me and they can call me but they still can’t hear me or the answering machine. I could send smoke signals but buildings seem to be in the way. I think the Amish live closer to one another so they can just walk over. I am certainly not walking the several miles over to Temple University to see what’s going on with my hubby.Anyway, I just got Ferdinand the Bull in the mail. It’s just a wonderful as I remember. I also got a few other books: So That’s What God is Like, Every Man Heart Lay Down, The Village that Vanished, and Off to the Sweet Shores of Africa: And Other Talking Drum Rhymes. I’m still waiting for Lola at the Library. I ordered it weeks ago. Suddenly I’m obsessed with kids books. Am I nesting? Do you do that when you’re not pregnant? Maybe I have some weird psychological thing. Every Man Heart Lay Down is one of the best books ever. It’s so very sweet. I also really like So That’s What God is Like. I really need to stop with book thing (the kids books). But they’re so darn cute. I pull them out and look at them and read them to myself- much easier than having a kid I’m sure.

Lay Down

I’m heading out to the gym. I’ve been grooving to this:



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