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First things first. Follow now lives with us! I was able to get him from the SPCA. I don’t want to get into the how and why. Let’s just say the whole thing was insane. He’s been here for four days and he already is looking better. But he still only ways 7 lbs. Today he even let out a few meows. They were very deep, nothing like how Dizzy sounds. Dizzy has taken to hiding under our chest of drawers, though Dizzy and Follow haven’t yet met. Follow is under quarantine because of his respiratory infection.

Sick Follow

Sick Follow

Dizzy Hiding

Dizzy Hiding

I also went to look at house today. It needs A LOT of work. I really can see the potential in it though.

My DH is away for a conference all week for work. So I had to look at the house alone (with my mom and the realtor). I’m so anxious. I want the house but I don’t want to sign him up for work that he is not prepared to do. I guess I have to wait to see what he says. In the meantime I’ll continue to wander around the house and stalk it. (They got an alarm system because of me).

I finally finished some bags that were supposed to be done months ago. Two sisters bought bags from me to help me raise money for my Leukemia and Lymphoma Society campaign. I hope they like them.

I think I’ll make some more for the shop. So I’ll be updating by the fall. I’m working on some shirts and onesies for the little ones too. I’ll let you know when I do the update. And I leave you with this:


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I’m back from outer space… Or Tallahassee. Anyway, I love my nephew! He patted me on the back when I held him. He’s such a sweet baby. He let me hold him as soon as I met him and then he napped on me. My Dash

The wedding was fun. My SIL looked beautiful. I was in the ceremony so I have no pictures of that yet.

The Bride at the Rehearsal

She doesn’t even look like she ever had a baby. This is a the rehearsal.

My sweet cousin in laws hugging.

These are my cousins (through my husband). They drew some nice pictures of me. They also loved playing hand games…Miss Mary Mac, Mac, Mac…All dressed in black, black, black… with silver buttons, butttons, buttons…all down her back, back, back…

SIL dressing Dash

This is my pretty SIL dressing Baby Dash. Not all the Delta stuff int the background. The whole wedding had a very Delta theme.

Hubby and Me

That’s hubby and me (matron of honor and “man” of honor.) Matron makes me feel old.

Also, I forgot to post this from when my bestest friend came to visit. Just in time for the successful Obama bid for the democratic nomination.obama art show

Hubby (with two pontyails, his favorite hair style, and Crystal- This is right after we went to see the Obama art show.

Go to Mama

We didn’t really like the show. They were all works featuring Obama- it was a little creepy. I think if he was there, he would be totally freaked out. I would be anyway.

Also, this past week was hubby and my two year anniversary of wedded bliss and our seven year anniversary of being together. Wow!

Wedding in Pink and Green

Look at that devilish look on my face. That’s mom in the background and my grandmother to my left. The lady in the far back is the neighbor of my grandparents- the ceremony was at there house. Note my dress is almost Alpha Kappa Alpha- like. That was not all intentional. Now is this season of weddings I give the top three things I love about my husband:

3. He admits when he’s wrong

2. He shares my faith in God and Love

1. He’s everything I ever wanted in a mate

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